The Turning Point

I feel like that past few weeks have been one day of running than one day of resting the foot for pain. I have been trying to ease into running again as I know there isn’t really any hope of me getting into shape for a competitive track season this spring…even in the back of my mind there is that little voice pushing me to try.

Today the weather was just beautiful and for some reason my foot didn’t really hurt that bad and I just went out and hit the dirt roads with some steam. Creeping a little faster each mile and just feeling better and better. The results were a solid 5 miles under 6:00/pace per mile. I am so pumped about this run.

5.5 Tempo

Had a nice little 5.5 Mile tempo down the hilly dirt roads. Also had the worlds biggest Rottweiler come at me while it’s non caring owner couldn’t get off of the cell phone and hustle over to get it…instead took her time and waddled on over not breaking phone conversation while this Rot and I danced in the middle of the road.

You Gotta Start Somewhere

I wanted to post this run because I feel that there are so many of you out there who always talk about how you gotta get back into shape, you gotta find the time but right now is not a good time it’s just to _______right now or I have to much _____ going on in my life.  Some of you are maybe working out but keep saying “This is going to be the year I run my first 5k , 10k, 1/2, Full”  Then the time comes and you let that cowardly sentence roll off of your tongue “My training is just not where it should be.”

P.S. that is the number one excuse I hear when I have to downgrade the distance of someone’s race.

Now some of you might think this song is about you and some of you might be saying “those people are so annoying.”  but the reason for the this post and the run attached with it is to show you we all have to start somewhere…I would say I’m an accomplished runner with a few good times and titles under my belt but it has now been a few months since I have done anything to raise my heart above 80bpm, so I have to start somewhere.

I know as sort of a joke, I Facebooked that I power walked a mile the other day…as funny as that was, it was a huge accomplishment for me.  I was so excited to do something outside with out the walking boot on my foot.  Yes I have lost a lot of muscle mass and yes my foot still hurts a bit so I do need to take it slow just as you do when you are starting up…don’t go out and run 6 miles day one like superman/woman that is called fishing for injury.

Also if you do that then I have to hear say “Running is soooo hard, how do you do it.”  I know all of you athletes out there have had that conversation with an old classmate, friend, family member and you always think of something witty to say “I just put one foot in front of the other {fake laugh} {awkward silence} how about those Red Wings?!”

The truth of the matter is it always sucks coming off of injury or coming back from a lengthy time off.  I think as athletes we know that we will get to where we want to be if we just maintain our discipline and get out the door everyday.  Those un-athletes or one night stand exercisers never made it to the point when it becomes enjoyable.  Most people quit there new found exercise program after two weeks and they were never able to truly see the fruits of their labor…don’t be that guy/girl.

I’m sorry for the rant and lengthy post but I really want this to be looked at as having a goal in mind, starting from zero, training smart, and turning your dreams to goals and goals into accomplishments/realities.

It has taken me two weeks to get to this distance and pace…Yes it was hot as shit out (roughly 98.6 degrees) and I was pushing Baby Boy in the stroller but I got it done.  I wanted to go farther but like a good man named Kenny once said “Know when to fold em.” so in the essence of training smart and slowly testing the foot I put “Pride” in the time out chair and stopped at one lap.  Also in doing so I was able to turn a quick post into a long drawn out post that most of you will not even finish and some of you will probably repost this Garmin link on Failblog.  Anyway cherish those miles, encourage others, and get your ass out the door because YOLO.

Hope to see you on the roads soon!

A Nice Hard Off / On Run

This is a nice loop for the Ann Arbor/Ypsi area down by the water. The goal of this run is 6:00/Mile, 5:00/Mile so your total time should be 55:00 for the 10 Miler. We rocked it without trying. This was nice for me as I can finally start to feel my body responding positively to all the training. Getting back into spikes has wrecked my calfs, Lifting at Barwis Methods has destroyed me as well…but now the beginner soreness has faded and everything is starting to fall into place nicely. I can’t wait for indoor to hit!

For those of you unfamiliar with the Garmin links. You need to click on the black text of the name of the run “Gallup On / Off 10 Miler” and that will pull up the splits of the run.


So a long over due post about the lovely island Trinidad & Tobago.  I went down to this island a few weeks back and had a great time.  The food was wonderful, the weather was hot, and the pool was clean.

I raced a 5k on the track and a 10k on the roads while I was down there.  The heat was waaay to much for a 10K effort where I placed 3rd and the 5K was lacking in competition as I won with only a 15:07 , beating 2nd place by around 40 seconds.

The 10K course was one of the hardest runs I have ever done.  The hills were between 800M and 1,000M long.  We started at ocean level then quickly began to climb.  I lead for the first 4 miles but the two locals were used to the weather and had run the course several times prior.  They knew I was going to run myself into the ground.

I have to talk about the taxi system down there.  We dubbed it “Crazy Taxi”  no where in America would you ever just walk to the road, wave your hand, and just hop into the first random car that stopped…well you might but you also expect to get robbed at the same time.

For about 4 TTs or 66cents they would take you down the road to either the track or the beach and that is just the way people get around down there.  It wasn’t just the young kids…we watched an older lady get off of work and go flag down her Crazy Taxi.

Tobago is a small island of only around 50,000 people and a 45 min drive time to clear the entire island long way and about 10 min to cover it short ways.  All of the Europeans were found at Pigeon Point which would be like a state park.  We had to pay to get in and there weren’t really any locals there. 

Would I go back there to vacation?  Would not be my first choice.  Would I go back to race?  In a heartbeat…it was a fun trip to go on but if your looking for fast times as a distance runner, not really the place to be.