What’s New?

So it’s been a very long time since my last post and a lot has happened…some good some bad but a lot.

Last summer my foot started to bother me and I ended up dragging myself through the season. I took a little time off and spent a lot of time doing PT. I thought the problem was getting better and began training for the Olympic Year.

Turns out the problem never got better…only grew bigger. I began seeing Dr. Larry Nassar (USA Olympic Gymnastics Dr.) and he did wonders for me. I have also never had a Dr. Spend more time with me and take a case so personally than he did. With Dr. Nassars help I was able to get spikes and have some good workouts. As time went on I was able to train harder, longer, and faster…then I hit the plateau.

I was able to run 53 min. Ten mile runs but not 51. I was able to run low 15 min 5k but not mid 14 min. Anytime I would really start to push myself the pain would get overwhelming. Hurdles…FaGetAboutit. From 8 months of favoring one leg, my good leg began to hurt. This went on for a few more weeks then during a work out 6×1,000m I made it through about two of them before stepping off of the track. I limped over to my coach and said “I’m done”. There was an odd pause then I think he saw the tears in my eyes and knew I didn’t mean just for the day.

I had been pushing so hard on the pain I began to hate what I once loved. I never talked much on my runs anymore, I couldn’t wait till it was over, and I knew getting out of bed in the morning was really going to hurt. My coach told me to keep my head up and reminded me that I had had a pretty nice career and I did make it to the Olympic Trials finals twice. As true as his words were they didn’t make it any easier…I would not see a third Olympic Trials. For those of you who have never ran in front of a packed stadium screaming the top of their lungs, the only way I can describe it I you feel like a gladiator in the coliseum.

I called up Dr. Nassar and said it’s time to meet with the surgeon. Fast forward a few more weeks and here I am laying in bed with my foot elevated and in a cast. Dr. Swords (how cool of a name is that) cut open the side of my foot and shaved down the bone and scraped the scar tissue off of my Achillies tendon. There was no amount of PT that was going to fix bone and this was inevitable. I also found out my cat had cancer this morning and we put her down and my wife’s aunt had a heart attack this week 🙁

I did however mention some good things also happening. In 2011 RunSignUp grew around 330% over 2010 and we are tracking +70% for 2012.

My beautiful wife and I had a beautiful baby boy Chase Jordan Desilets (steeplechase :-). He did however get hospitalized for 6 days with RSV.

I set up a fundraiser to send USA’s number one track fan to the trials, Derek Rubis. The track community raised $1,500 to help him get there. He is also going to be able to interview some of the athletes, which he is pumped about.

I also helped my man Brian Thomas set his fundraiser up for his colon cancer run from Florida to Michigan which they are starting pretty soon. If you would like to donate shoes, money, or gift cards (Meier/Walmart for food and drinks for the road) contact me on Facebook and I can point you in the right direction.

Time to sign off for now…hopefully there will be a post of some cross training soon…no matter how many times we Desilets get knocked down we will always rise up and become stronger than we were before…or was that Rocky 😛

13.1 Ft. Lauderdale

What a nice weekend on the 12th. I went down to Ft. Lauderdale for the RRM conference. Always a nice get away as I was able to sit on the beach and swim in 80 degree weather while everyone else in Michigan was experiencing the first snow…don’t hate 🙂 Work was good and it was nice getting some relaxing time with the wife.

I needed to do a long run while I was down there and not knowing the area I began to look for road races and the 13.1 is what I found. So this was cool…I had never run a half before and I wanted an official time. I didn’t really care what the time was as long as I could finally say “My time is blah” but then I started looking at the results from the past year, as we all do, and then I fond the course record of 72:40 (5:33 pace.) I had just finished up a 10 miler at 5:24 pace so I thought here is one more goal I can accomplish while I’m down here.

I sent in my running resume and was able to bypass the $85 reg. fee. but I still had to go through Active.com which pained me being that I run a competing website “RunSignUp”.

Two worst things about the race was I had to get up at 4:00am for the 6:15 start and there was a 15-20 mph head wind for 7 miles…now for the fun stuff.

As the news paper described it “It was a brisk 69 degrees” so I was warming up in just a racing singlet and shorts. The race director called me out at the start line and was asking me for my prediction which I just shrugged and said we will see.

Runners take your mark…everyone moved and boxed me out pushing me back to the second row…that is so annoying. As usual we start at a blistering 4:30 mile pace eventually slowing to a 5:10 for the first mile, I sit in 10th place. These guys continue to hammer the pace through the second mile dropping a 5:04. Now I want to qualify for the Olympic Trials in the half marathon just as much as the next guy but I was in realty knowing I’m not in that good of shape, so I slowed down and dropped a 5:34 Mile. Weird…I still ended up in 2nd place after that mile. I made a small push over the fourth mile at 5:18 catching up to 1st place where we ran together for about 200 meters then he just slowed way down as I hit my fifth mile in 5:20 and was on my own for the rest of the race. 5:10, 5:04, 5:34, 5:18, 5:20, 5:24, 5:35, 5:25, 5:08, 5:23, 5:05, 5:17, 5:17.

Ready to be done with this at the 11th mile and tried to push a little harder to get it over with in a time of 69:34 smashing the course record by 3:06 and beating 2nd place by almost 4 minutes.

All in all it was a fun experience and I couldn’t ask for a better first half marathon. In Detroit I may be the slowest ever but down there I was the fastest ever 🙂 and I am still amazed how a beer can make your legs feel so much better after a hard run like that.

Big Heart Big House

Well what a fun weekend it was. Starting on Thursday I had my best 16x400M workout averaging 68.5ish. Friday was a nice and relaxing 6 miles. Then I jumped out for a recovery 15 miles with Corey on Saturday

Just to come back Sunday for the Big Heart Big House run in Ann Arbor. It was such a fun time!

Michigan Rehabilitation Specialists

Waiting at the start of the BHBH

I ran with Josh Perrin and Brandon Bethke for the first three miles of the 10K. Then Josh began to drop off the back. I think he knew no one else was going to catch him so he had 3rd place wrapped up and was going to come back in the 5K and go for the win in that…which he did 🙂 I held on with Bethke for about another mile but I could feel him eager to go and at about the 4th mile he went. He ended up taking the win in 30:39 and slid into second with 31:25 only 10 seconds off of my goal, DAMN YOU BIG HILL!
The finish line was great with the whole crew from MRSPT hanging out there. Also my lovely wife and good friends The Syrkowskis. I don’t think you realize how big the Big House is until you have to climb those stairs on the way out 😉

Irish Jig 5K

O what a fun weekend we had. Corey and myself headed off to Grand Rapids, MI Friday evening and when we got to the hotel I did what every guy does when checking in with another dude…I asked if it was the honey moon suite with the heart shaped hot tub. I also called “Big Spoon.”

A giggle and a smile later I was handed a room key and told to have a nice night. Upon opening the door to the nice room we noticed…Hmmm only one bed…again me restating “I called the big spoon.”

So back down to the front desk we went and I said to the lady “We were just kidding about that whole honey mooningspooning thing.” Well she turned a few shades of red and said “Well I wasn’t sure and I was afraid to ask.” It was pretty darn funny…Yes we got a room with two beds, I think I saw a bit of sadness in Corey’s eyes.

Off to dinner we went. About half way through dinner I asked the waitress if she would believe that Corey and Me were twins. Turns out she was thinking either brothers or twins…even thou I have dads blue eyes and Corey has mom’s brown eyes everything else looked the same…even our eyes once you get past the color. Once we both paid for dinner on separate bank cards with separate last names she felt kinda silly.

Was there something else that happened this weekend…o wait a race that’s right. Well it was a good and bad day for me. We went out hard, Boaz taking right to the lead with Corey and I side by side 3 paces behind.

Boaz hit the first mile at 4:36 and we followed close behind at 4:40. Mile two was mostly up hill as Boaz increased his lead and Corey and I realized that we were not alone.

We hit the second mile in 4:54 pace and I began to waver in the brisk hill climb. About 200meters into the 3rd mile Nick Stanko and Kris Koster edged past me. I though “this is ok, I could use a windshield before I kick them down.” Well being that Stanko knows I have a kick he decided to push hard and the group of three began to gap me as my legs began to protest the pace. One meter gap quickly became about 40-50 meter gap pretty quick. About 800meters to go the course leveled off and then began it’s decent down to the finish. I began to push harder and harder…I saw that Corey and gaped Stanko and Koster which caused them to slow down allowing me to move back on them. 400 meters from the finish line I was full tilt barreling down the hill closing on those two guys quickly.

I thought I was going to grab these guys at the line but the sad story of a kicker is too little too late, if only I started 10 meters earlier or the course was 10 meters longer. Sad but true.

And nobody was going to catch Boaz because he put on the crazy Kenyan face.

Boaz – 14:31
Corey – 14:39
Kris – 14:44
Nick – 14:44
Jordan – 14:45

The good news was that I got my fastest time in a 5K on the roads but the place is just not sitting well with me. We will see everyone in another week at The Martian 10K What I didn’t let everyone know is that I ran the whole race with my eyes closed. At least I got some pics. in the Michigan Rehab uniform GO RUNNING INSTITUTE!

Ready to Rock

Finally had a great race! On Friday we headed over to Grand Valley State University to run on the 300 meter indoor track, which is awesome looking. I knew I was in 8:10 shape…roughly and I was excited to see what I could do. For the past week all I could thunk about was this race. Not that this was a championship race or an indication of future success but I thunk it was more of seeing if I still hold true to my competitive edge and have the ability to push on when all systems are telling you to stop.

The race went out very hard. I think we might have hit the 400m in 63 then we slowed a little and came through the 800m around 2:07-8 which is still well under my slow personal best of 8:10. My mind played games on me letting me know I can’t run that fast but I also knew that if the lead pack broke me I would not reach my goal of sub 8:10. A few guys past me putting me back to 10th place but my coach was right there to assure me that I can beat that guy and retake the position on the back stretch, so I did. Eventually the lead pack pushed to hard and broke away from the rest of us. So now I was leading the back pack trying to maintain a competitive pace. With about 400m to go I began pushing harder and harder.

1,000M TO GO

I wanted to catch back up to my training partner Corey. I flew around the last 200m at this point I was only racing the clock and I was willing my legs to keep moving. Eventually I crossed that finish line 6seconds behind the lead pack. They were 8:06 and I came in at 8:12. It was no PR but it was a good step in the right direction. Thanks for the great pictures Mitch Zost of me in my new Michigan Rehab. uniform.

Race Weekend

So this weekend we did a little racing at EMU. I don’t think it was anything super fancy but more for getting in front of the crowd. I did a 1,000m, I was hoping it would have gone a little faster but after being boxed in for 400m then tossing in a couple surges (in other words RACING) my legs just ran out of juice at the end. So I finished 3rd with a 2:30. We did follow it up with a nice long run on Sunday. I did this same run 2 weeks ago and this time we were about 1m30s faster. Hope you all got out there and had a nice run on Sunday…I the temp was 6 but the sun was awesome!!

First Indoor Race

Well last Sunday we had our EMU inter squad meet and all of us boys ran the 3000M. It was a pretty relaxed venue and I feel like most of us took it as another hard day at practice. No one really battled for a position or ran until they were ready to collapse but we at least were reminded of butterflies in the stomach and also of what the gun sounds like. All thou my 2nd place finish and time of 8:29 was nothing to get to excited about, it was the fastest 3k that I have ran in about 3-4 years. I guess it’s still safe to say that I am moving in the right direction…Now I just need to get 10 seconds faster and put 35 barriers to jump over with some water as well…then I’ll be right on target.