300 Meter Whaaa

Just a nice workout that I finished up today.

1X800m 2:09
500M Jog rest (3:00min)
12x300m 51 low average (100M Jog rest about 35 seconds)
400m Jog rest
1x800m 2:10 (2:40min)

This was one of those workouts that you finish and you can tell yourself everything is going in the right direction. The hardest part of this workout is that I was doing it solo.

As I was doing this work out I was thinking how under utilized the 300m distance is in training. I feel that when we do speed we do 200m and when we do distance it’s 400m…the 300 is such a great in between distance to keep up the speed and yet add some endurance. If you don’t believe me go run 12 of those bastards at your goal 5K pace with only a 100m jog for the rest. If you can finish up the 300m then try the full work out with the 800m in it. This work out with jogging rest is 4 miles plus your warm up and cool down. I did 2 mile warm up and cool down giving me a nice 8 for the afternoon plus an easy 4 in the morning.

Building Confidence

A quick run down…work has been awesomely busy but training has paid the price. True to my word I will be running the marathon in a little over a week. I will be going after Captain….I mean Major Borg’s course record of 2:36.

The past few days have had some nice runs.

Sunday was 10x1k with only 45 seconds rest. Averaging 3:06

Tuesday was a nice run with Mark and Mike with some easy pick ups 4×2.5 min and 4 x 1.5 min

Today ,Wednesday march 6th, I did another strength session of 10x800m 45 seconds rest averaging 2:25. This was pretty easy. So I’ll be eager to see how I feel come race day. Look for my next post come March 19 th.

Wrightsville Beach Marathon

Time to go public…a group of us will be going down to the Wrightsville Beach Marathon this March. Finishing is always a good goal…but I would like to come close to my marathon time of 2:28.30 from Detroit back in 2010. I have a very long way to go and only a short time to get there. Last week I hit my highest week of running since the surgery at 55 Miles with a long run of 16 miles at 6:20 pace.

This week I’m on pace to be a little closer to 60 miles. I did a nice workout on the indoor track by myself today of 16 X 400M averaging 74.41 with 100m jog recovery (about 35 seconds.) I felt nice and smooth and probably could have easily gone to 20…woulda, shoulda, coulda.

Winter F-Un

For those of you that might get discouraged on these snowy, icy, windy winter runs, I would just like to say “Don’t” I know it’s frustrating feeling like you are never running fast in this shtuff. I just wanted to say it happens to all of us. You can see on the laps of this run the pace was going well until I hit the ice sheet known as Chambers Rd. (Mile 3) I lost 30 seconds on my mile pace and felt like my pace went to a standstill. As soon as I got back on the dry stuff I took off again…I guess we will call it a recovery mile…kinda sorta? Keep on Keeping on winter warriors.

Did you die!?!

No I didn’t die…I just didn’t think posting unexciting things would be worth either of our time. So for a quick update…I have been running around 30 miles a week with nothing super fantastic until recently.

The biggest issues I’ve had is if I go off and have a great run then the next day my surgery foot was in peril. I also discovered 14 miles seemed to be my painful cap. I feel like in the past 2 weeks I have turned that corner.

My runs are easily dropping under 7:00 min. pace and this week I’m falling under 6:00 min. pace pretty easily. I also had my first workout on the indoor track and in spikes!! I thought it went really well. My old body moved around the track with 8x400M in about 64.8 seconds on average. Now I just keep telling my self “I don’t have to get any faster, just stronger :-]”

You might not believe it but after doing this workout my foot seems to be feeling a lot better. Spikes really make you use more muscles in your legs and feet than you normally do hence the incredible soreness 😉 and I’m sure some of you are saying “No $hit Sherlock.”

Thanks for tuning in and I’ll try to keep you a little more updated and entertained…There’s only about 150 of you that read this damn thing 😛

Kensington Hill Challenge

It was an amazing turn out today for the Kensington Hill Challenge! We had competitors hailing from at least three different zip codes.

Mike Anderson pulled away early on then held a steady lead from the group finishing as this week’s champion. To everyone’s surprise, New Comer Chase Desilets, rallied and made a very strong push for seconds place. Rumors about Chase saying he could do this course in his sleep, spread quickly as photographers actually snapped a picture of Chase sleeping while climbing the hill. Mike Anderson better lookout if Chase decides to stay awake for these nine grueling miles.

Has-been, Jordan Desilets, had a very unimpressive 3rd place finish. The medical staff was actually on standby as it looked like Jordan might collapse at any moment.

Ken Larscheid, a favorite for the number two spot today, just didn’t have it. It looks like his cardio is getting better, which he proved on the flats, but he just needs to add some more to his strength to help him power up those hills.

Mark Savedes aka “The Ghost” he’s so old he might actually be a real ghost. Although he finished 5th again for the third week in a row, don’t let that fool you. His overall times on the flats and the hills were much improved week over week. At one point fans were saying Savedes was clocked around 6:10/mile pace. It just seems that everyone kicked it up a notch today. It could be due to the new blood in the group just getting in there and shaking things up a bit.

Thanks for tuning in!